what impact did dong qichang have on the art of the ming and qing periods

Open areas and curved mountains great quality produced paintings for sale because he was so popular film complet youtube the! This Chinese landscape painting uses the "atmospheric perspective" to show recession in space. c. The homage of court officials to the emperor. Private collection. Despite his training in the arts, due to the influence of his family, at the age of 35 he was appointed a high-ranking official of the imperial government, although always recognized also for his skills in calligraphy. Answers may vary. ming period 1555-1636, qing bian mountains. Dong Qichang, was a Chinese painter, calligrapher, politician, and art theorist of the later period of the Ming Dynasty. google_ad_client = "pub-8371900312485223"; His ideal of Southern school painting was one where the artist forms a new style of individualistic painting by building on and transforming the style of traditional masters. google_color_border = "CCCCCC"; . The most distinguished connoisseur of his day, Dong Qichang set forward ideas that have continued to influence Chinese aesthetic theory. But on the other hand, the natural world could not equal what an artist could do with brush and ink. His paintings avoided naturalism because, he said, a painting cannot begin to equal the beauty of the real world. Example 1. the movie *Anna And The King*